Market Share vs Profit Share in an Industry !

market Share vs Profit Share MoneyMonk

Yesterday, something strange happened to me when I read this tweet from Prof. Sanjay Bakshi.

As always, my curiosity didn’t let me loose the moment and I expanded the conversation. Just when my mental fuse was gone. The discussion was about apple is having 92% profit share despite having 20% market share. The answer of the quiz was Rajiv Bajaj 😀 (more…)

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How Capital Allocation plays role in generating great returns?

Let’s imagine a scenario. You have developed superb equity research skills over the years so that you can find those companies which will turn into multi baggers. Nowadays you are very good at it. You have identified few companies which is going to be multi-bagger 😀 And you invested in those companies.MoneyMonk's CApital Allocation

But according to conventional wisdom, these micro caps or small caps companies have high beta hence more risky. Hence to mitigate the risk of loosing capital you allocated 5% of your over all portfolio being a smart person. Isn’t it? (more…)

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Blogs & Forums I follow on Daily Basis for Value Investing

Blogs I follow

In this internet lifestyle, Blogs & Forums are part and parcel of the learning process. These are the only places where you can get first hand information from value investors. There are several blogs by value investors being maintained regularly and you can gain lot of insights from them. Forums like ValuePickr also add lot of value to your learning experience. Not blogs all but it definitely helps. Ultimately it depends on you, how much you can absorb and gain from.  On Blogs, you can directly ask your questions via Comment and usually they answer your queries. But ask right question!


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Websites or Tools I use in Equity Research

tools I use
I started working as Financial Analyst for Concept Securities last month. We are managing PMS for clients and I work as a buy side Financial Analyst.

This was my first job so I spent some time organising my daily rituals. I asked for helps of seniors regarding tools and websites they use in their daily schedule. Here is the curated list of the tools I generally use on daily basis. I will update this post time to time as I will get new information or insights. All these tools are free in nature and I insist you to use it to it’s optimum. I am thankful to those who built these wonderful tools.

Have a look! (more…)

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