Idea Funnel, Tracking Position & Equity Research!

Each and every great investment needs research! Sincere research!

What is the problem?

We are so busy tracking hundreds of companies we hardly get serious about it. We have some basic content to talk about companies with clients or colleague but we often lack seriousness in research.[At least I am feeling so in my case!]

This hollowness comes forward as subjective questions arises and then we try to change the topic.

Often, our friends, colleague or network suggest us a stock, we have glance at it and we ignore it for one or another reason without sincerely looking into it. Than we say, It was lapsed from my hand when this was 1/10th of the price.

The point is, we are so much involved in noise we barely get time to go deeper  in it.

I see a problem there.  Psychologically something is resisting me from looking into it.

What’s the solution to it?

The solution is to develop a process through which you will be able to determine which companies to look into and which are to ignore, as per your investment philosophy or interest.

How can we develop  such process? 

I am not very sure! But I have some earlier experience into digital marketing, where we used to create a “Sales Funnel” which converts a visitors into buyers.

Here, We need to something of that kind. We need to make an Idea Funnel which will help us to gather ideas from various sources and then we can boil it down to few worthy companies to dig deeper into.

How to use “Idea Funnel”?

Idea Funnel
Idea Funnel


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