Websites or Tools I use in Equity Research

tools I use
I started working as Financial Analyst for Concept Securities last month. We are managing PMS for clients and I work as a buy side Financial Analyst.

This was my first job so I spent some time organising my daily rituals. I asked for helps of seniors regarding tools and websites they use in their daily schedule. Here is the curated list of the tools I generally use on daily basis. I will update this post time to time as I will get new information or insights. All these tools are free in nature and I insist you to use it to it’s optimum. I am thankful to those who built these wonderful tools.

Have a look!

1. Screener.In | Screening Tool :

This is a wonderful tool developed by Pratyush Mittal and his brother Aayush LogoMittal. They are into Equity Research since generations I would say. This website is well developed and summarizes the financials very well. This can be used as a starting points to research any company. Go ahead and try it out.

2. | Organized Company Information :

ResearchBytes Logo

ResearchBytes is a community of Fund Managers and Financial Analyst work collectively to serve a common purpose. I find this platform so useful and use regularly. I get daily announcements of the company, annual reports, board meetings, analyst calls, investors presentation and other information quite easily. Otherwise It’s a kind of pain.

3. Quant Partners | Financial Models in Excelsheets

Quant Partners Logo

This is a hidden gem in India. 😀 They provide Financial Overview of a company with Financial Ratios and Charts, as well as, they also provide Financial Models in excelsheet to do valuation. Now, If you have tried to do financial modelling yourself than you know the pain. Very useful. Must have.

4. Twitter | Tracking Investors

I use Twitter Lists to track awesome Value Investors in India and around the world. Twitter offer a feature called twitter lists, where you can jot down few investors whom you want to follow so that only selected member’s tweets and retweets will be visible to you. There is a lot of information being shared online. I have a look at this list feed once in a while. It helps.

5. MoneyControl | Daily Stock Movement, Tracking Porfolio

I use moneycontrol to manage portfolio and screen the stocks on daily basis. This gives me general idea about the market and stock specific movement if required.

6. Feedly : Feed Reader

Feedly organises all blogs in a reader and update us with unread post daily. This will be of your great help when number of blogs increases and it’s hard to cop-up with the number of post. You have to learn a bit about RSS Feed in order to harness full potential of this tool. Works great for me!

If you use any other tools then do let me know.

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