Why MoneyMonk Blog?

Mihir Naik

Myself Mihir Naik 😉

Reachable at mihir23192@gmail.com.

I am a commerce graduate and CA Final student having passion of Value Investing, working as Buy-side Financial Analyst in Portfolio Management Service at Concept Securities.

My job profile consist of Equity Research, Tracking Companies Results and helping our Fund Manger with better decision making.

My personal interest is to research small or micro cap stock in-depth. This blog is my journey of value investing and learning at the same time.

I am a newbie and in a learning phase of Value Investing. I am passionate about it so I am writing this blog. I believe sharing what I am learning will help me in this process. Moreover it will document my journey and facts as well.

Why MoneyMonk?

I will occasionally write reviews of books I write, summary notes of Books I prepared, My own Research about the company and Financial Models if I make any 😛

I will prefer the companies under 5000 Cr. valuation but there can be an exception.

I know that I will make mistakes and I am very much sure that most of my posts will be biased. So please do not make any decision based on my post. These are not recommendation to buy or sale.

I want to declare one thing, all the things I will declare here are the things I want to be or I want to go. I might not be able to stick to this but I will strive to maintain harmony in what I say and what I do.

Where my focus is?

> Investment Philosophy
> Mental Model Checklist
> Reducing Errors and Gaining Insights
> Financial Valuations and Case Studies

Let’s start!